Hip replacement and same-day surgery


Many people wonder if it is possible to sleep at home the day of their surgery. The answer is yes. However, patients must meet some criteria to be good candidates for hip replacement as same-day surgery.

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For whom?

Being healthy. Indeed, the patients must not have any serious illness. A patient with heart disease, for example, will usually be hospitalized for at least one night after the surgery, for safety reasons.

Being in good enough physical shape. It is essential for the patient to be autonomous and functional before the surgery to be a candidate for same-day hip replacement surgery.

Living in a suitable environment. For example, a patient living in an apartment on the third floor and without an elevator will not be a good candidate to return home on the day of surgery.

Having support from friends and family. Ideally, one or several close ones should be present in the first days following surgery to help the patient.

Being motivated. It is probably one of the most important factors and one of the most underestimated. If the patient is motivated and happy to return home quickly after a hip replacement surgery, the chances that everything will go well improve!


Hip replacement as same-day surgery allows the patient to return to his daily life activities and home quickly. Studies have confirmed these benefits https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29780620/


In the end, this subject will be covered and discussed based on each patient’s personal situation at the time of the consultation. The most appropriate choice will be made, always bearing in mind that safety is paramount.

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